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Regular mixes to keep us going through the difficult weeks and months ahead thanks to the impact of COVID-19 on our everyday existence.

Save lives, stay home and listen to the music!


    Choosy Tunes Radio EP-07 - Jun 18

    A mix with a club feel this time - some old and new tunes brought together to celebrate the club scene and some of the sounds we are missing right now. A celebration of different styles of genres within the realm of house music. Black and white unite, there is so much in the music that I love that comes from black music and culture. Support #blacklivesmatter and think about how you can celebrate, support and bring about positive change within your sphere of influence.

    Choosy Tunes Radio EP-06 - May 29

    Raw 45s with some rare blues, soul, funk & grooves.

    Choosy Tunes Radio EP-05 - May 05

    Back to the 80s and 90s with some hip-hop and disco/club dance classics from my vinyl archives.

    Choosy Tunes Radio EP-04 - Apr 28

    Continuing with a mix of tunes at a house tempo of around 120bpm with a selection of dub, acid, deep and tech house. Inspired by the posthumous release of Andrew Weatherall's track 'Unknown Plunderer' and another delve into my vinyl collection.

    Choosy Tunes Radio EP-04 (Dub) - Apr 28

    No vocals - just the music...

    Choosy Tunes Radio EP-03 - Apr 17

    It's a return to some funk & groove, jazzy vibes, disco, house and some deep house classics.

    Choosy Tunes Radio EP-02 - Apr 06

    Time for some hip-hop, funk, block party beats & breaks along with some jazzy interludes.

    Choosy Tunes Radio EP-01 - Mar 30

    My first show back on air after around 20 years - picking out some older and newer music collected along the way...

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