DJ Cherokee

Return of the Cherokee by DJ Cherokee

Thanks to an invitation to play as DJ Cherokee and revive some old-skool rave and mixes from a recording back in '92 I decided to pull out my old vinyl and try to create a set around some of the mixes I had done in the past, while also including some other tunes from that period.

The result is a mix of cutting, scratching and some double mixes (two copies of the same track) that I really enjoyed practicing and getting back into. This is the 'bedroom mix' and is roughly what I played live at the 'Life' event in Mosely.

Thanks to the Life crew and crowd, it was a blast, and I enjoyed meeting all the heads and the guys really made me feel like part of their day.

Choose Life.

The Cherokee has returned.

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Year: 2022 Genre: Rave, Breakbeat, Techno, Hardcore
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