DJ Cherokee

Futures Past by DJ Cherokee

A mix to celebrate a time when dance music was breaking new ground in what was more widely know as the rave scene in the early 90s. This is a selection of tunes that reflect a slightly more sophisticated and/or unconventional identity in blending electronica, jazz, house, techno and trance.

Starting out with a well known tune (if not an era defining one - you'd go a long way to find better) then slipping into some lesser-known and obscure tracks that I may not have ever played out previously.

Better known as The DJ Cherokee and promoted as 'The Hardcore Chief' this is a reflection of the more euphoric and eclectic selection of music I was collecting at the time. Finishing off with a couple of tracks from this and last year...

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Year: 2020 Genre: house, electronica, techno, trance
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