DJ Cherokee

Evolution by Easyman

Welcome to 2021. A new chapter for me now to be known simply as Easyman. I decided that the old name was a bit out-of-place with current sensibilities. 

The stage name DJ Cherokee came about in the early 90s and I thought it brought a little interest to the party (due to a possible Cherokee ancestry in the family - never proven!). I also wanted to appreciate and honour a Native American Indian culture and philosophy that I felt strongly about - living in harmony with each other, the land and the environment. I feel more strongly than ever about those things. However, it's no longer a name I feel I can use without causing upset to a culture or people I would rather show respect to.

The music and the philosophy stay the same. Enjoy the vibes and appreciate interesting tunes that sound great while trying to create mixes that flow and provide a journey that represents what I'm feeling at the time.

More new vinyl still being added to the collection along with a few I already had culminated in the first mix of 2021 entitled Evolution. The birth of Easyman.


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Year: 2021 Genre: electronic, tribal, house, deep house, dub house, jazz
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